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Time to get away to Mansfield, Ohio!  This site is full of travel ideas to stretch your travel budget. Check out the slide show above for upcoming events and things you can do.  See our OVERNIGHT PACKAGES under "Where to STAY" and look for ever-changing themes and special interest options under "What to DO".  Time to start Exploring!

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  • A Day at the Beach Around Richland County

    A Day at the Beach Around Richland County

    June 24, 2016

    As summer rolls around, many of us crave a day with the sand between our toes and the warm sun on our skin. Maybe you get your sunshine fix by trekking over to the Atlantic Coast or even just by driving north to Lake Erie, but what if I say that everything you desire is right here around the Richland County area? That’s right; there is no need to flee the state because having a beach day here happens! Today, let’s explore some of the premier destinations in this area for every type of beach-goer. Read More»

Wine and Ale Trail
Charles Mill & Pleasant Hill Marinas
Richland Carrousel Park
The Inn on Smiths Hill
Oak Park Tavern