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February 12, 2013


Want to win FREE Mansfield, Ohio t-shirts for your Tough Mudder Ohio team to train in? All ya gotta do is "Tell Us About Your Team".  Just post the name of your team in the comment section below in this contest BLOG and tell us something about your team. How did you get your name, how did you all meet up, or any funny or fantastic facts about the team, etc. You decide, but a WEEKLY WINNER will be picked through April 1. Just for the fun of it, stir the pot a little and challenge other teams or talk a little clean, family-friendly smack here too. Talkin' Tough Mudder to hype the event is great!  DEADLINE TO ENER IS APRIL 1.

WANT TO WIN SOMETHNG BIGGER? (This part of the contest has ended.)
Can you say BILLBOARD? Upload a picture of your team on the MansfieldTourism Facebook page and one team will be selected as a Grand Prize winner and your team's picture gets plastered on a local BILLBOARD for the month of May! See the Contest Rules...

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We are team AlerStallings. Tough Mudder is exactly what we are accustomed to, and here are some reasons why:
Team AlerStallings is so tough that we have managed to bring people from all over the place. With mudders coming from Brazil and Russia, we are determined to bring on unheard of toughness at its best.
Team AlerStallings is so tough that we are masters of everything that contains “bar” in its name: acing the bar exam, impressing second graders on the monkey bars, consuming chocolate bars, crushing on neighborhood bar and grill, and writing a Master thesis on the Italian Baroque influence on world architecture.
Team AlerStallings is so tough that some of our team members did deadlifts at preschool and others managed to overcome their fear of beets.
Team AlerStallings is so tough that most of our mudders have broken bones at least once in their life and yet are participating in such activities as Pump & Run at the Arnold Festival and Cross Fit challenges.
Team AlerStallings is so tough that we are proud to have a cancer victor, who also grows a human child inside her.
We are team AlerStallings. We are moms and dads, former college super-stars and He-man fans, homemade food lovers and aspiring sportsmen. But more importantly, we are a team of all-star attorneys who are proud to serve Richland County.
Nelly at 5:28pm EDT - April 1, 2013

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