Ohio State Reformatory

Ohio State Reformatory



100 Reformatory Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44905

I-71 to US Route 30 West Exit at State Route 545 North from ramp.

Please call or visit website for information.

The Historic Ohio State Reformatory was used as a fictional penitentiary in New England in the movie, Shawshank Prison. Make sure to take the Hollywood Tour at the Reformatory.  The warden's office, Brooks' hotel room and even the replica carving on the ceiling that reads, "Brooks was here. So was Red" are on display. Please note the sign is a replica as the original was destroyed by vandals.The hole that Andy dug through his cell wall to escape is also on display as well as the tunnel he crawled through. It is about 2 feet in diameter. Chocolate syrup, saw dust and water were in the tunnel to mimic an actual sewer pipe.

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Comments (10) - Post a Comment
Very exciting! The tour I went on was about two hours long. You really get to get up close with the cells. It is almost unbelievable.
Joe at 10:44am EDT - September 1, 2009
I really love this prison, a lot. I love visiting haunted places such as old buildings like this and I feel very excited when entering with my friends. I have been on a tour of this prison in May 2009 with my friend and loved how this prison was so attractive yet so creepy at the same time! My boyfriend grew up in Moundsville, WV, where the WV state penitentiary is. Of course, I have been there too! But it is not as neat or as large as Mansfield's! You do a great job preserving this prison so it looks as good as ever!
Lisa Walzer at 7:36pm EDT - October 26, 2009
I love this prison I go there every other week, I was able to sit in the cells and climb the spiral staircase, but i have to warn you watch your step for the stairs are very small and steep. But overall its a must see place :)
Adena at 3:04pm EST - November 2, 2009
My uncle and dad worked there but my uncle told me one of the stories the night that he worked so the story is that he was sitting by the phone and he heard the phone ring and nobody answered he went home and told his sister and she said that happens to me my uncle said yeah but your phone is plugged in
Aaron Plaster at 11:59am EST - February 22, 2010
Why is it fascinating to see a jail??? I'm sure you wouldn't want to be locked up in one.
MayBach Brown at 1:07pm EDT - August 21, 2010
I haven't been yet but made my reservation today - my birthday present to myself to see this much anticipated place with its hauntings!!! Stay tuned for my after-tour post.
Beth B at 7:24pm EDT - September 6, 2010
I absolutely love this building. It is so intriguing to see it whenever I pass it. It's breathtaking when your standing there looking at the size of the building. Then the overwhelming thoughts of walking into the door getting the feeling of just how much history this beautiful building beholds. It's almost like a rush of emotions going through your heart as you look up at the cells where the inmates stayed. If you ask me I have never liked history but this building made my learning ability on history do a complete one eighty. I love the tours but right around Halloween is when everyone has to agree, your first thoughts around late September early October is going to the amazing Halloween attraction. I don't know about you but I check the reformatory site until I'm blue in the face to see what they are calling the next Halloween title. Mansfield reformatory equals a good time.
julie beer at 1:13pm EST - March 2, 2011
Hello, I have an very old tin ? plate with a reset impression of the ohio state reformatory,mansfield,ohio with a 2 Drangon around it. Any inforformation you can provide me on it would be welcome.It measures 3-1/2" x 8-1/2".
Cecil McClellan at 7:38pm EDT - June 24, 2012
Nice interesting article! thanks fot the post!
essay help at 4:44am EDT - August 31, 2012
Recently visited the prison. VERY old, but VERY interesting to compare what remains with what is shown in the movie. A few discrepancies, but still made for a terrific movie. Had to watch it again after coming back home. Would HIGHLY recommend!!!
David Reeves at 10:17pm EDT - August 20, 2013

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